Be about to (estar apunto de)

Be about to
Gramatical Structure / Estructura Gramatical
(example with verb to go)
Afirmative clause / Frase afirmativa
Sujeto + to be + about to + verbo principal –> I am about to go (Estoy apunto de salir)
Negative clause / Frase negativa
Sujeto + to be + not + about to + verbo principal –> I am not about to go (No estoy apunto de salir)
Interrogative clause/ Frase interrogativa
To be + sujeto + about to + verbo principal? –> Are you about to go? (¿Estás a punto de salir?)

Usamos be about to para describir una acción o un evento inminente.
– The Ceremony is about to begin. (La ceremonia está a punto de comenzar)

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