Dedicatorias de Navidad en inglés – Christmas messages in english

Dedicatoria de Naidad en inglés La Navidad es una época del año perfecta para transmitir tus mejores deseos a los seres queridos y mostrar tu amor a los seres que te rodean.
Aquí te presentamos maneras de felicitar la Navidad y el nuevo año a personas a las que desees lo mejor para el 2009.

Christmas is an ideal time to express love and good wishes for those we care!! To help you send your loving Christmas Messages to dear ones located anywhere in the world.

Dedicatorias de Navidad en inglés:
Xmas Messages:

May all have a happy time on Christmas each year. Merry Christmas!

Christmas day is a time for love. It is a time for showing our affection to our loved ones. It is all about love.

Merry Christmas to my lovely family
Have a wonderful Christmas. May god bless our family.
I love you all.

Wish all living creatures a Happy X-mas and a Happy New Year! By the way I would like us to share a warm fellowship in all places. No creature should be undermined in the name of the Father. Just as animals need peace of mind, poeple and also trees need peace of mind. This is why I say, all creatures are waiting upon the Lord for their salvation. May God bless u all creatures in the whole world. In Jesus Name we pray Amen.
Tom Wyslei Onyinikwa

Dear Everyone
Merry Xmas!
May the grace of Our Mighty Father be with you all during this eve of Christmas. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.
God Loves You
By: J. Macharia Kimani

My loving hubby to be, Ahley Masondo
Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thanks for the love and support you give me. I thank God for making you part of me and for making us understand each other the way we do. Thanks for the baby we have. I love you so, so much.
Sheldene Xulu

Merry Christmas to my children Vicki and Craig & my grandchildren – Laura, Jordan, Morgan.
May this new year give all of the things you rightly deserve. And may peace finally be yours.
Love Mom (Sharon)

Dear Jimbarry
Merry Christmas!
You know that you are so handsome and may God give you a lot of blessings.
Yours truly

Sweetest Neha
To my Dad, Mum, Ephinia, Jay and the rest
I wish everybody a Merry Christmas! Xmas is the good time to link yourself with Christ. Bow your head up the mountain and you will feel the salvation of Christ. May the Holy Spirit be with you all the time.

Sweetest Neha
May the Christ shower His choicest blessings on you and may you lead a very happy life.
Merry Christmas to You

Dearest Jennifer
May you have the best of Christmas this year and all your dreams come true.

Dear Rahul
May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love.
Merry Christmas!

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